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A Blog About French Culture!

Hello everyone!

Would you like to learn more about French culture, music, food and history but you’re a bit tired of reading the sometimes very untrustworthy information that Wikipedia has to offer? Don’t worry, Azurlingua French Language School has created a blog dedicated to providing you with information about France and French culture!

The blog is called Azurlingua-Culture and is managed by French teachers here at Azurlingua. They work together to regularly post articles about everything you might want to discover about France. All the articles are written in French which lets you practice your french comprehension skills. If your French isn’t at it’s best at the moment or if you don’t know French at all, don’t worry! The blog is translated into 12 different language, you can find the English one here.

The blog is divided into five different categories; French Civilization, Gastronomy, Culture and Literature, Lyrics and Music and Nice and it’s Region. As you can see this blog pretty much covers all the aspects of French culture, you’ll never have to turn to Wikipedia ever again!

Here is a little extract from one of the articles that was recently posted on the blog. This one is about the French, very mysterious, liqueur “Chartreuse”. You can read the whole article here.

“If word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising then problems can arise when the creators of a product take a vow of silence. This doesn’t seem to bother the Carthusian monks who live in the Chartreuse mountains. Since 1764 they have produced a range of liquors using the name “Chartreuse.” Today production generates more than eleven million Euros in sales. The Monastic life has not prevented  the monks from singing the praises of this drink; one of the best in the world.
A Famous liqueur:
In one of his films, Quentin Tarantino had this to say about Chartreuse: ” Chartreuse! The only liquor so good they named a colour after it!”  It’s true that the almost fluorescent shade of its two varieties, green and yellow, attracts the eye. But don’t worry, the intense colour is 100% natural. Chlorophyll from almost one hundred and thirty plants gives the green variety of Chartreuse its bright colour. Saffron gives the yellow variety a sparkle that shines like the sun.
In addition to its bright colours, another mystery surrounds the drink.  Only three monks know the secrets of Chartreuse – the plants used in its production, their proportions and the methods used to prepare them. In fact, almost nobody outside of the monastery has seen the old recipe  that was written on parchment more than four centuries ago.  This recipe is almost as complex as the flavours it calls for. “It is impossible to dissociate Chartreuse from the Carthusian monks,” states  Michel Steinmetz, author of CHARTREUSE : HISTOIRE D’UNE LIQUEUR (Chartreuse: History of a Liqueur).”

Hope you’ll enjoy the blog and learn a lot of interesting facts about French culture! And if your having trouble understanding the articles in French, you can always come to Azurlingua for a language course to improve your level!

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