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Enjoy Christmas in Nice!

December 8th, 2011 France and French !

This time of year Nice is overflowing with Christmas spirit. Every street is decorated with Christmas lights, the trees lining the Promenade des Anglais are covered with lights and every storefront window is decorated. On the 3rd of December the Christmas Market opened in the big square Place Masséna. My friend from Azurlingua and I went to check it out this weekend for some Christmas shopping. It was very beautiful and cosy with Christmas decorated stalls that sold everything imaginable: crafts, candles, toys, purses, wines, cheese and much more.

Besides Christmas shopping there are lots of other things going on at the market. You can rent skates and go ice-skating on the out-door skating rink. Or you can take a ride on the ferris wheel which only costs 6€ and gives you a wonderful view of Nice. If you get hungry you can chose from traditional French food such as crêpes or socca, and for those with expensive taste there’s even an oyster and champagne bar!

Since the sun is still shining and there’s no snow as far as you can see, people who live here in Nice have to try a bit harder to get into the Christmas spirit. At the Christmas market there is also a small fir-tree forest with artificial snow. There you will have a chance to meet Santa Clause and his reindeer. There is even a little stall which displays  Swedish Christmas foods and handcrafts with a big sign reading “Père Noël habite en Suède” (Santa Claus lives in Sweden). So if you study French at Azurlingua in Nice you definitely don’t have to worry about missing out on the Christmas spirit  just because you’re far away from home, there is plenty here for everybody!

This weekend, Saturday the 10th of December, it’s the Swedish Christmas celebrations in Nice. It starts already at 11am when the ambassador opens the Sami Handcrafts Exhibition. Later at 17pm you will be able to see the Swedish Christmas tradition Saint Lucia and inauguration of the Swedish fir tree at Place Masséna, later a Swedish choir will sing Christmas songs and finally Swedish “Glögg” (hot seasoned wine) will be served.

Azurlingua offers French courses all year around, so if you want to come and enjoy Christmas in Nice you can also take a French course to improve you French and make new friends!

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  1. yann says:

    I realised a long time ago that christmas is more popular in england or scandinavia than in france , i have the impresse that christmas is less important in france…

  2. Daniela says:

    Cela dépend peut-être aussi de la région..en Alsass et surtout à Strasbourg, par exemple, on reçoit une vraie idée de Noël en France.

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