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Learning French in Nice – it’s more than nice!

June 14th, 2011 France and French !

Bonjour potential French speakers! Interested in learning French in France? Yes?? Then you’ve come to the right place.
As a current student at the Azurlingua language school, I am writing to tell to about the amazing experience I have had so far in the hope that you may soon have your own…
My story…
Despite only being in Nice for one week, I feel completely at home in the school and in the town. Everything and everyone (from the staff and the students to the French people of Nice and my host family) has been been warm and inviting – the perfect environment in which to learn about a new language and culture!
At school I always struggled with foreign languages. I was therefore not expecting a particularly steep learning curve! During my first week at Azurlingua, however, I have been pleasantly suprised by how quickly I have picked things up. I chose to study under the intensive course, which involves around 5 hours of teaching every day, in the morning and early afternoon. The lessons are conducted in a variety of places including the classrooms and outside in the beautiful gardens. Learning how to order your favourite bottle of wine in France whilst sitting under the shade of a palm tree… does it get any better than that? :) After class there is plently of time to explore the town. Personally, my favourite routine goes something like this… Class finishes at 2:30; first stop – the pattisterie for a freshly baked pain au chocolat; next – browse through the many shops and market stalls (there’s everything from high street brands like Zara and H+M and designer stores including Chanel and Louis Vuitton to little french boutiques and vintage markets); finish the day soaking up the last of the sunshine on the beach, maybe with an ice-cream?? (Why not – you are on holiday!)

The Ultimate Girly Day Out- Grasse
One of the first trips we did was to a pretty little town called Grasse, about 40 minutes from Nice by train. I went with a few friends from the school to explore a new place and learn a little more about France. When we arrived in Grasse I felt as if I had wandered on to the set of a Jane Austen novel. The beautiful town is comprised of a cluster of narrow winding roads that lead you through a maze of quaint shops and cafes. A Kodak moment can be found around every corner, with majestic churches and sculptures, romantic water features and exquisite gardens there to be admired. Set on a hill, the town also boasts impressive views of the surrounding countryside.

Grasse is a historical town, famous for its production of perfume. Indeed, the recent thriller ‘Perfume’ starring Dustin Hoffman and BenWhishaw was filmed in Grasse, adding a certain eerie charm to the place. The romantic scenery is further complemented by the sweets scents of perfumed flowers wafting through the air. Not surprisingly, some of the most popular attractions in Grasse include the Perfume museum and factory. This is the ultimate girly experience! Original perfume bottles of infamous brands such as Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent are exhibited throughout the museum as well as ancient artefacts relating to perfume and make-up. Friendly guides are available for informative (and free) tours of the factory which will take your nose on a magical journey of smells! Visitors also have the opportunity to purchase exclusive Fragonard perfumes such as ‘belle de nuit’ (beauty of the night) and ‘Juste un baiser’ (just a kiss) which cannot be bought in any other stores worldwide.
Other activities in Grasse include horse riding, paintballing, hand gliding and go-karting, most of which can be arranged through the Hinderland discovery and recreation centre. Alternatively, take a casual stroll through the many gardens, shops and art galleries. Whatever you decide to do in Grasse, I guarantee an experience that defines ‘lovely.’

Coming soon…
Nights out in Cannes and Monaco – for the club lovers
For the adrenaline junkies – White water rafting!

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  1. Janaina says:

    Welcome, Lara!!
    We’re very happy to have you with us!

  2. Lucy says:

    Hey girl!Great start up with your first article!Ur rockin’ it!

  3. Lucia says:

    Grasse was one of my first trips in France as well. I recommend also a perfume factory Fragonard in Eze.

  4. Uliana says:

    Je n’étais jamais à Grasse, par contre j’adore Eze! C’est très beau!

  5. Diana says:

    Absolutely! Your first stop after class should definitely be the Pastry Shops for a Chocolate Croissant!! Maybe even two! XOXO D

  6. viviana says:

    comme elle est belle la vie en France : une gastronomie exceptionnel, une belle langue et innombrables endroits merveilleux à découvrir =)

  7. Daniela says:

    Grasse est super specialement si on a lu le livre “Le Parfum” :-)

  8. Ylva says:

    I really like this article, a lot of interesting facts!

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